Russian scarf TOMA in white

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Size: 89*89 cm

Color: white

Material: 80% viscose, 20% wool

Order Russian Scarf À LA RUSSE - TOMA Russian shawl TOMA @ €29.90

Trendy floral pattern of the shawl TOMA will make every woman feel like a gorgeous and tender princess. Style this beautiful shawl by À LA RUSSE to every outfit – it would make you special in any occasion!

scarf shawl traditional russian vintage white

scarf shawl traditional russian vintage white


The history of Russian scarves and shawls by À LA RUSSE begins in the year 2012. Sice than many celebrities & trendsetters, such as Gwen Stefani and Milla Jovovich, have recognised the sophistication of Russian shawls. They are wearing them on a daily basis both as beautiful and stylish pieces & as an eye-catcher for special events.