KORA – exquisite lace Orenburg stole blue – 160×70 cm

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Size: 160 * 70 cm

Material: 78 % goat down, 22 % viscose

Color: blue

Care instructions: hand wash, t=35-40 C

Order KORA - Orenburg stola blue OrenShawl KORA bl. @ €109.90

Scarf KORA transforms you in a fashionable diva in the evening  and in a casual It-girl by day.

Pureness, lace perfection and warmness of the thin downy wool are unique components of the OrenShawls.  Wearing  Orenburg shawl or scarf is like wearing a cobweb.

The downy wool of the Orenburg goats is the thinnest in the world. But nevertheless, it allows artists create breathtaking and sophisticated patterns of an extraordinary durability.

Schal blau / lace blue scarf / le foulard bleu

Lace blue scarf / le foulard bleu