LORA – light Orenburg shawl black – 120×120 cm

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Size: 120 * 120 cm

Material: 64 % goat downy wool, 36 % viscose

Color: black

Pflegehinweis: Handwäsche, t=35-40 C

Order LORA- OrenShawl black OrenShawl LORA bl. @ €109.90

Orenburg shawl LORA is a dream on your neck, which was made with love.

Pureness, lace perfection and warmness of the thin downy wool are unique components of the OrenShawls.  Wearing  Orenburg shawl or scarf is like wearing a cobweb.

The downy wool of the Orenburg goats is the thinnest in the world. But nevertheless, it allows artists create breathtaking and sophisticated patterns of an extraordinary durability.