Luxurious hat ISADORA DUNCAN – À LA RUSSE & Eva Brunetti

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Size: Sizes M, L, XL

Material: felt, 100% wool

Color: black, grey

Design: Eva Brunetti

Pattern: Shawl XENIA


The stylish hat ISADORA DUNCAN designed by Eva Brunetti in collaboration with À LA RUSSE spices up your outfit and makes you into a real trendsetter.

Be sure no one will have the same accessory! Each piece is unique.

About Eva Brunetti

The milliner Eva Brunetti has discovered her passion for hats and head accessories as a child. Eventually, she began to pursue her calling and now produces beautiful headwear: hats, caps and fascinators. Many different materials and textures ignite the passion in her. Each time it is a real adventure to create and try something new. She makes totally custom-made, functional and crazy things that her clients love and appreciate. Her sophisticated creation don’t disguise the wearer but emphasize the look.


Luxushut Isadora Duncan. Designer-Collaboration À LA RUSSE & Eva Brunetti

Luxurious Hat – 100% wool, designed by Eva Brunetti

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