Exclusive bow tie #96, unique floral pattern in blue

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Single piece # 96

Material: 100% wool

Size: 15 cm * 6 cm

Handmade in Italy

Care: do now wash, dry clean only

Order Bow tie - unique # 96 Bow tie - unique # 96 @ €49.90

This bow tie is unique.

Just like you.


Bright and stunning.

Each original bow tie was handmade in Italy using 100% wool fabrics of À LA RUSSE shawls. There are no identical pieces, еvery single bow tie has a unique number that ranges from 1 to 999.

Patterns  of the bows are full of flowers and creative paisley elements that were designed by fantastic Russian artists in a long tradition of craftsmanship.

Emphasize your individuality with À LA RUSSE bow tie limited edition and be a proud owner of exclusive piece of art.


Hemd Fliege in blau

Exclusive bow tie #96, unique floral pattern in blue