BALLEROLLAS – golden packable flats, size 40

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Size: 40

Material: shoes - real leather with rubber sole, bag - PU

Color: gold


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BALLEROLLAS are foldable ballet flats, which make them the ideal companion for any handbag. BALLEROLLAS  are the perfect shoes to change into after a long night of partying or after a marathon shopping session in high heels. Take them out of the transformer bag, unfold them, slip them on, and say bye bye to aching feet! The unfolded heels disappear in no time at all back into the transformer bag and are conveniently stored away. The packable BALLEROLLAS are made from fine, soft leather.

Women everywhere know all too well the unbearable pain experienced after a long day or night in high heels, or the discomfort that comes when breaking in a new pair of shoes. In order to free the women from this pain, the BALLEROLLAS have been developed.

BALLEROLLAS are the perfect pair that you crave after a night on the town, or even after a long stroll through the city. They can also simply be used as a great pair of summer shoes.

After changing into your BALLEROLLAS you can simply put your old pair into the expandable transformer bag.

Keep your BALLEROLLAS in your bag and never worry about wearing heels again, as you’ll always have your trusty BALLEROLLAS around whenever you need them.