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Russian scarves and shalws with floral prints

Russian scarves -  It-piece 2014!

According to the Fashion Week 2013, traditional Russian shawls and scarves with floral patterns will be in vogue this year.

The history of the floral scarves and shawls À LA RUSSE begins in the year 1795. Since then, these outstanding wool pieces are produced in a one-of-a-kind manufactory in a town near Moscow. All shawls and scarves designs, irrespective whether they have  floral or paisley pattern, are created by artists. Some patterns already exist  since the 19th century, such as Scarf À LA RUSSE CARMEN .

Russian shawls and scarves with flowers and paisley are available in our store in a wide range: silk scarves, woolen shawls - fringed or without fringes. You can also buy from us the legendary handknitted woolen and downy Orenburg Shawls, stolas and triangle scarves.

This online shop presents authentic Russian shawls and scarves to the West-European audience. Brand À LA RUSSE is the official representative of the Russian biggest Shawl Manufactury  – and attaches great importance to quality and service.

À LA RUSSE offers more than just scarves and shawls!